3pcs Pet Dog Gleamy Harness Leash Set Thoracodorsal Traction Rope

  • $29.99
  • Save $6.62


We believe that pets are family members, and that family deserves the best. The item is a dog traction set made of premium breathable fabric, which adopts innovative design to protect pet's fragile trachea and chest. With precise design, it makes your dog look sweet and adorable. Package of 1 harness, 1 leash and 1 hairband.


- Color: Yellow.
- Material: Nylon.
- Size XS: About 32-39cm(Bust);1.5cm(Breadth).
- Size S: About 32-40cm(Bust);2cm(Breadth).
- Size M: About 38-50cm(Bust);2.5cm(Breadth).
- Size L: About 43-60cm(Bust);2.5cm(Breadth).
- Size XL: About 60-70cm(Bust);2.5cm(Breadth).
- Package of 1 harness, 1 leash and 1 hairband.
- Protect pet's fragile trachea, chest and throat.
- Fashion and cool design, looks attractive and adorable.
- The neck and bust are adjustable, perfectly fits your dog.
- Easy and convenient to wear.
- It offers a comfortable control when walking your pet.

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